Selection of main works completed in 2012

Batumi Seaside Pathway

Status: Completed
Customer: Zimo-7 LTD
Start Date: April, 2012
Completion date: December, 2012
Working volume: 22,000 m2

Project Description:

CIC Group construction company completed the construction of seaside pathway with stamped concrete in Batumi.

10-meter pedestrian pathways of stamped concrete in the coastal boulevard were laid down with 5-meter wide bicycle paths.

Summer Theater

Status: Completed
Customer: Batumi City Hall
Start Date: March, 2012
Completion Date: December, 2012
Working volume: 3500 m2

Project Description:

CIC Group Construction Company completed construction works of the Summer Theater in the seaside boulevard in Batumi.

Full constructive works were completed, black carcass was constructed, metal roof was built. The facade was covered with wooden decorative materials, wooden showcases were arranged, roof was covered with colored tin sheets. In addition, the interior works were done including all systems.

Building on Kipshidze Street

Status: Completed
Customer: Kipshidze 2011 LTD
Start Date: October, 2012
Completion date: May, 2013
Working volume: 2500 m2

Project Description:

CIC Group construction company completed façade works of the building located on Kipshidze Street in Tbilisi.

The construction of the façade was done by using German materials and technologies, once this was achieved, Munich’s façade was added on top of the façade and was arranged with Caparol materials.