Projects of 2016-2017

Heineken Brewery in Tsilkani

Status: Completed
Client: "Global Beer Georgia" LTD
Start date: July, 2016
Completion date: May, 2017
Working volume: 12 000 m2


CIC Group Construction Company performed the construction works of Heineken Brewery in Tsilkani village of Mtskheta municipality.

The works of monolithic structure and sandwich panels for the Heineken Brewery were completed. The main "A" Block building with a volume of 9 500 m2 as well as "B" Block - the area for installation of boilers, with a wolume of 2 500 m2 were constructed. Steel trusses with 12 m spans serve as the structure for the roofing of the main building.

Heineken Office in Mukhiani

Status: Completed
Client: Log Out LTD
Start date: November, 2016
Completion date: June, 2017
Working volume: 1 600 m2


CIC Group Construction Company completed construction works of multifunctional complex in the Mukhiani settlement, between the IV micro region and Mukhiani residential area in Tbilisi.

Constructive and architectural works of the building were made. Also, systems arrangement works were completed. This is a reinforced concrete type building. Aluminum stained glasses were arranged at the front of the building, the rest of the three facades were wrapped and decorated with Caparol materials (travertine effect).

Terrace was constructed on the roof of the building with bulletproof glass floors installed. On the design side, the ceilings inside the building kept their natural concrete texture and the original airways. Other systems were arranged in open spaces. The building is 4 stories tall and on the first floor of the building there’s a car drive through basement.

Institute of Cybernetics

Status: Completed
Client: LEPL "Georgian Technical University"
Start date: February, 2016
Completion date: November, 2017
Working volume: 10 000 m2


CIC Group Construction Company completed reconstruction, repair and finishing works for the Institute of Cybernetics in Tbilisi.

Reconstruction of the internal parts of the building of the Institute was performed, 7 floors were renovated completely. All types of systems (water, sewerage, electricity, low-voltage currents, heating, air-conditioning) were arranged; lifts were installed.