Projects of 2019

Rehabilitation works of residential houses 

Status: Completed
Client: Rustavi City Hall
Start date: April, 2019
Completion date: October, 2019


CIC Group Construction Company performed rehabilitation and finishing works for the facades of residential houses in Kostava Avenue, Rustavi. 

The project included full rehabilitation of the facades of 14 blocks in Kostava Avenue:

Within the framework of this project, the pedestal was reinforced with r/c slab and the basalt tiles with cornices were arranged on the pedestal.

The old, damaged and burnt plaster was completely removed from the facades of the buildings, just as the most of the cornices and decorative elements. The facades were plastered, covered with a decorative mortar and painted using a high quality facade paint.

The old decorative elements and cornices on the facades have been replaced with similar specially treated foam-plastic elements.

The reinforcing works of the balconies were also carried out, instead of the old and damaged balconies, new composite betopan structures were constructed that were covered with proper foam-plastic elements.

In addition, within the frames of the project, old wooden windows and doors were replaced. Tin rain-groves were installed over the windows and the parapets were also rehabilitated and recovered with tin matelial. Old demaged ventilation blocks were repaired and restored. The balconies were covered with ceramic tiles.

Roof rain-pipes were also replaced and facade lighting system was installed.

The total area of the rehabilitated facades exceeds 16 000 m2.

Rehabilitation works near the Alphabet Tower

Status: Completed
Client: N(N)LE Municipal Infrastructure and Improvement Division
Start date: April, 2019
Completion date: December, 2019


CIC Group Construction Company completed rehabilitation works of the area around the Alphabet Tower, Batumi.

15 120 m2 of imprinted concrete work was completed 1 156.9 l/m of the drainage system was replaced.

12 communication wells and a plastic tube of 257 l/m were installed. Granite slabs on 1 050 m2 were installed.